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This is the 1st of several gallery pages and each will have a different 'sector' of coins, paper money or other collectibles of exonumia.

This 1st one will be 'COINS ANCIENT' which I believe are the hardest to find, and due to grading, one can own very old coins with a small investment.  

This is where you see the available inventory and I call it the smile generator.  There will be sections of coins and paper money to aid you in focusing on your area of interest, but, as an official collector, it's mandatory you look at all of the items lest you miss a new pathway to start different avenue of collection.

Prices and populations are always subject to change. For exact pops & prices, use the contact page for questions and verifications of Price, population, and availability.  MANY times coins are sold before I can adjust the offerings.

There are many 'gallery' pages, so keep going...

Some coins may appear on more than one page as they may fit more than one slot. 

Here is your guide to our site, kind of a roadmap for our various areas of collecting.  I will put it in sectors in various gallery pages with descriptions and prices of each item as able.  So...

The 1st Gallery will be Ancient USA coins.  Now note that the coins entered are available as of the writing of this site, but may change drastically as time goes by.  For example, a few weeks ago, I traded 142 coins, and some cash for ONE COIN.  That put a hurtin' on my inventory for sure, but the coin I got was one fantastic addition to my collection.  From there we will go to modern USA coins to ancient US Paper money, then modern USA paper money and so on.  When I finish this site, I will post a list of what pages cover, which section of collectibles. [kind of a menu] Ok?  Okay, so let's get on with it.  

Also, there will be separate pages for signature (pedigree) coins, coins in a set (more than one coin linked to another which usually sets are not broken.  Some coins may fit on more than one page to keep sets in a page of sets, and the individual coin in that type in their proper slot.  

Putting them in order of dates, not populations or values...

Gallery 1 Ancient pre-1933 USA Coins

Mind your picture.  Some coins have a reverse side or multiple pictures to aid you in viewing.

Harry W. Bass Jr.

Our first coin in this section is a BASS Pedigree coin.

Experience One of the Greatest U.S. Gold Coin Collections Ever Assembled

Harry W. Bass Jr. created one of the most complete U.S. gold coin collections ever assembled, including many one-of-a-kind specimens. Of paramount importance in the collection is a set of virtually all known die varieties of early (1795 to 1834) United States gold coin denominations, in the finest condition. In 2000, the ANA was honored to have its museum selected by the Harry W. Bass Jr. Research Foundation as the perfect home for this incredible collection.

Also included in the Bass holdings are:

•The only complete collection of $3 gold pieces, including the unique 1870-S

•A complete collection of U.S. gold coin types of all periods and designs from 1795 to 1933

•A spectacular grouping of rare U.S. pattern coins.

The second is the second year of our silver dollars, the 1795 Flowing hair Dollar.  VERY sought after prize.

1846/'5'-O S.S. Central America Shipwreck.

Following pictures describe in detail.

1846/'5'-o  S.S. Central America


Following pictures describe in detail.





Actual gold dust from SS Central America

Reverse of THE coin.

THE coin 1846/'5'-O

This is it! The ONLY one.


1846 /'5'-O $10

Amazing coin

1888 S $10 Die Adjustment Strike $39,575.00

Mint Error XF45

1888 S $10 Pop 3

Pop 2 NOT VP-001 Only 604 total of these in all coins, 99 in Variations, 44 in liberty coins, and ONLY 3 of these.

1888 S $10 error

1888 S $10 Mint error Rev

1898 $2.5 PF63 Cameo $9600.00

1898 $2.5 PF63 CAMEO


1898 $2.5 PG63 CAMEO

1898 $2.5 PF CAMEO Rev

1907 $2.5 *

Pop 4, only 1 coin was in 69 and that was another year. sold for over $100,000.00 A68 is worth$ 55,000.00 so. split the diff. $75000.

1915 S Pan Pacific $2.5 MS67

2 in 68, none better, 3 in 67+, 154 in 67


1915 Pan Pac Rev

1915 Pan Pac Rev

Rare in my mind is under 100 known to exist. This one is a pop 64

Only 7 better. A great find. $6,950.00

1921 S Morgan Rev

1921 S Morgan MS66

1921 S Morgan Rev

1900 Bright White Morgan MS63 $75

Beautiful coin...

Nice coin, too bad it got cleaned. $22.00

Don't clean your coins

1922 Peace $ Great shape, just not shiney. $45

Typical Peace $.

Great shape, just dullish.. $45

11 coin Morgan set

11 coin Morgan set.  Can sell individually, or expand to fill slots. 

I'm not going to show the reverse of these as they are all bright white Morgans.  The reverse is usually better anyway.  They are all $75 each...  No discount for multiple purchases in these Morgans.

This is the end of Gallery 1, Ancient Pre-1933 USA coins.  (Now on to ancient foreign, go to Gallery page 3

Gallery page 2 will be modern USA coins...