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Also, for the collector of most things I can be a conduit for liquidating through my wide network of collectors and friends around the world.  Just about any of your needs can be met.  Say, your relative leaves you a stash of collected items and you need/want an evaluation.  In most cases, I don't charge for that, unless expenses in getting it done are involved, but for locals who need help with their collections of any kind, remember, this is my hobby and it is a great way to keep costs down for you and for me.  For our more distant friends, I can come to you, but that may involve some expense. However, the results of such an alliance may be of great benefit to both of us.

Included below are a few tidbits of my history, awards, associations, and other items which should give you confidence in working with me towards an epic collection.  In other words, ringing my bell so you know who you are working with.

1829 quarter Eagle VERY rare

This was a $15,000 coin years ago...

1907 $2.5 PF68* Pop 2 Coronet Quarter Eagle Proof

Various Foreign Golds

Mainly European

I will admit that for the last few years, I have not added much in my registry nor kept up with writing journals for many reasons.  1) NGC keeps changing their site, making it difficult to win awards. 2) My retired life the past 7 + years has found me traveling quite a bit and I just have not kept up my writing. 3) I have been heavily involved with studying currency [paper money] for some time and I think soon I will write about that along with some new-found knowledge regarding coins.  

Been to a few shows

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I am not in 'business' so I don't have regular hours nor a store location, but I do answer the phone most of the time and check the email many times a day to answer your questions.  I'll try to find a way to tell you when I'm out of town. Look here for messages, and I will post them in other places too. Also, I get mail from wherever I am.  We'll connect.  You leave me a message, & I'll get back to you ASAP.