Here lies an example of the epitome of collecting, the pinnacle of the quest.  

This coin is the quest of many collectors, but only a few can own it.  Few can own it due to the extreme low population numbers which are likely to be under 10.  Jeff Garrett: The 1907 High Relief Double Eagle is one of the most popular coins ever struck by the United States Mint. The coins are sculptural in appearance and are considered by many to be the most beautiful regular issue gold coin ever produced. Unfortunately, the design was also impractical and redesigned by Charles Barber later in the year. The date is given in Roman numerals (the coins nickname by some) and lacks the Motto, IN GOD WE TRUST. President Roosevelt believed that money could easily be used for ungodly pursuits such as gambling and thus the name of the Lord should not be used on coinage. The 1907 High Relief is categorized by most as either Wire Rim or Flat Rim. The coins are identical except for raised metal around the rims. This is probably the result of some tinkering by the Mint while they struggled to produce coins with such extreme relief. Around the late 1960s or early 1970s experts began to describe certain 1907 High Relief Double Eagles as Proof. These coins are certainly different, but not exactly like the latter Proof Double Eagles of the series. There are no mintage figures and the origins of the coins are a mystery. The coins have deep swirling die lines and exhibit a satiny surface similar to the Roman finish Proof gold coins. A fairly large number exist and it is my opinion that they are the result of experimentation with the new design by Mint employees. Many, if not the great majority of the original mintage was saved when the 1907 High Reliefs were issued. Thousands still exist and most seen are in some form of Mint State. Gem examples can easily be purchased if budget permits. A few nearly flawless examples are known. The finest High Relief graded by NGC is a PF 69 that sold for $534,000 in 2005.

Additionally, this coin is listed in the book

 '100 Greatest U..S COINS' 

4th edition

Page 47, coin # 28 

I quote the book, "The 1907 High Relief double eagle is one of the most popular and desirable coins ever produced by the U.S. Mint.  The beauty of the sculptural design elevates the issue to the level of fine art.  If most collectors could own only one coin, this would probably be the one.  The 1907 High Relief is also known in the Proof format.  These appear to be special issues with a swirling matte finish, unlike the traditional Matte Proofs which were struck from 1908 to 1915. About a hundred of these are known to exist of this interesting issue.  (understand, we are talking about the entire run of available or 'known' coins.  The one at the left is an extremely low population and of great rarity in grade so take that into consideration

(quite an underwriting of value)


In the book, '100 greatest US coins, the 1907 has three slots as it is quite rare and sought after, so much that the book devotes three pages to the similar (Proof and Mint Strike) coins.

I will describe and relate to mainly my coin herein, but it is good for the serious collector to know all he can about a serious addition to his (or her) collection.

Actually, it was President Roosevelt (Teddy) who instigatged this quest for beautiful currency feeling as he did that our coinage was "unattractive and without artistic merit"

He wanted ours to reflect the ancient coinage of the Greeks.  As a classical touch the 1907 date was expressed in Roman Numerals as MCMVII (1907) 

Without going into a lot of detail, it was, I believe, due to the tinkering of the mint, attempting to satisfy 'Teddy' that the variations came to be.

The ultra high relief and the design itself finally settled on the high population coins that are the more available in many grades and both certified and raw (un-certified) 

The wire rim combined with the high relief were in such low populations due to one reason.  The coins would not stack and therefore the bankers would not accept them.

Most of the "error" coins [the wire rim] were discarded into the melt box and somehow a few 'got out' (not by accident I propose)

In any case, these coins are recognized by the most respected coin grader, NGC and designated as High Relief, Wire Rim.

IMHO, these few coins, represent the apex of coin collecting and finding one even to look at is a feat, much less actually buying one will set you back a nice car or home

Again, of importance to the collector is; this coin was an experimental issue.  Again, not going into deep discussion, of which there is a lot, suffice to say, this was a result of Teddy looking to improve the coinage appearance, health of the designer, and difficulty of the machinery to produce such an issue.  

The result of these 'tinkerings', was a resulting treasure from this experiment in striking is one of the most coveted coins in numismatics.

About collecting (almost anything)

Collecting is really a pleasurable pastime which can be most rewarding, educational and entertaining.  

I have chosen all forms of currency collecting including both coins and currency from all over the world, focusing on modern U.S. Mint coins.

BUT, that did not keep me from adding in many items surrounding my focused items.

The world of art came to me from the U.S. Two Dollar bill when I noticed how the intricate engraving on the reverse of it attracted me to that beautiful work of art.  Then, when the American Silver Eagle came on the scene, I was trapped in the world of art/coins and paper money.  Such exquisite talent and imagination expanded my world as travel expands one's 'horizons'.

So, take a journey through my collection and see if anything strikes your fancy, and 'let's make a deal'.

If you are looking for something I don't have, remember, my forte is FINDING THINGS.  Yessir, please, if you request me to locate something I don't have, please allow a few days as my web of contacts are world wide and it may take a sun or a moon to get an answer.

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Here on the right is yet another example of what you will discover in browsing my site...This item had a pedigree or NAME of the [owner or previous owner of renown]

One needs to research the pedigree name to appreciate the name and background of said collector (in this case Bass)

Harry W. Bass Jr. created one of the most complete U.S. gold coin collections ever assembled, including many one-of-a-kind specimens. Of paramount importance in the collection is a set of virtually all known die varieties of early (1795 to 1834) United States gold coin denominations, in the finest condition. In 2000, the ANA was honored to have its museum selected by the Harry W. Bass Jr. Research Foundation as the perfect home for this incredible collection

An active collector and quintessential philanthropist, Harry W. Bass, Jr. was a life member of the American Numismatic Association for more than 30 years. He was awarded the Medal of Merit in 1989 and was inducted into the Association's Numismatic Hall of Fame in 1998. Bass' interest in numismatics began in the mid-1960s.

Mr. Bass joined the ANA in 1966 and spent a year studying the subject before he actively began collecting. Soon after entering the field, he defined his goal -- to collect United States -- issue gold coins from 1795 to 1933 by date and mintmark, with special attention to die varieties of early U.S. gold.

Also included in the Bass holdings are:

•The only complete collection of $3 gold pieces, including the unique 1870-S

•A complete collection of U.S. gold coin types of all periods and designs from 1795 to 1933

•A spectacular grouping of rare U.S. pattern coins

To own one of his vaunted coins is truly a realization of your collection to greatness.  

I currently have three, more or less, coins with great pedigree.

1. Bass

2. Pittman

3. Moy

4. Kupersmith (which I changed his name off the coin; big mistake)

and others float in and out of my inventory..

There are different forms of pedigree, but the best is the ones which are designated by the great graders such as NGC or PCGS..

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