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Basically, exonumia is numismatic items, such as tokens, medals or script other than coins and paper money.  This includes 'good for' tokens, badges, counterstamped coins, elongated coins, encased coins, souvenir medallions or fliers, tickets, receipts, wooden nickels and other similar items.  On the odd occasion of excursions through the planet, I find the odd thing.  I just must have such as a phurba, or elephant prod.  I may bring it to shows sometimes.  Exonumia:  It comes from the Greek word 'Exo meaning 'out of', and a Latin word 'numis' or "coin".  One can find many sidebar descriptions for exonumia, but I like to say "anything collectible".   And there's no remedy for it.  Once you catch it, you're stuck with it.  

Many different types of sets and individual currencies.  This is a District set.  One from each financial district and all have the same serial number.  These were offered in extremely limited printings (mintage) usually limited to 2000 or less.  These actual monies were sent to collectors and mostly were not graded making them quite rare in a lot of cases.  These have a 'few' pop 1's and likely you will not find another set with these characteristics.  That's what collecting is all about, isn't it?  Being the only one with an item. 

District Set 

All serial numbers are the same

Our services

I am a member of the Florida United Numismatic or "FUN Show", NGC, PCGS, and other affiliations such as local coin clubs and so on...

Some of the services I can help you with is grading coins and paper money, having them graded at your favorite grading company,  assessing collections of any kind, liquidating collections of any kind.

I am free to travel but I do have commitments such as shows where I have made reservations or the constant travel agent who calls and puts me on various ships.

I specialize in very rare coins, those which are population 1 or very close to that.  

I also have many levels of investments so look over the gallery and see what you need.


Coins Ancient (Pre 1933 USA)

This section is for pre-1933 USA coins and for all styles, types, mint errors, and so on.  If you don't see your needed ancient, just use the contact button, and remember, here on the site is a mere sample of what's available.  The photo is of some very old Greek coins, some as old as 500 BC

Coins Modern (post 1933 USA)

Modern coins, in this instance, would include 1933 to present; any style, mint, error, sets, pedigree, signatures and so on.  Again, the photos here are a mere sampling of what is available.  And of course, we always are glad to purchase your items.  Just use the contact button above and send me your question(s).

Coins Ancient  (not USA)

Due to our great scope afield, not just my collection, we have access to many ancient coins and paper money. The gallery here is just a small representation of what is available thru me so if you don't see what you want, just contact me and describe as close to what you want and I will get back to you ASAP.   The Above pictures are of Greek coins, some as old as 500 BC

Mondern Greek (Pre Euro)

Great grade and a sample of pre-Eurozone currency.

Modern Greek (Pre-Euro) Great sample and grade of Pre-Euro

Another great sample of pre-Euro​


Great grade and a sample of pre-Eurozone currency.

Another great grade and example of pre-Euro currency

New items coming, another district set.  12 notes, all same serial # 00000082*

$2 FRN's 

Great grades, 

New item coming.

5th WTC $50 MS70

What our customers are saying

Danny said in a recent text message: "Brian Bobbitt has been an enormous help to me in starting my endeavor of collecting coins.  When I started I knew nothing other than I had a fascination with coins.  Thanks to Brian's guidance, I have learned so much and he has helped keep me from making some very bad, uneducated purchases in getting my collection started.  Because of this, my love for collecting coins has grown and I have gained a great deal of knowledge.  Thank you, Brian, for all the help."

(NOTE:  I did ask Danny for his comments.)

[ I am going to ask others to comment as we get acquainted.]

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